What is the Best Type of Wood for Hardwood Flooring?

September, 29, 2014

Once a symbol of high stature, Hardwood Floors are even today admired for their elegance & the touch of sophistication they add to any decor. Harwood Flooring is a natural material that adds depth and a strong vibe to any interior space. It is not only rich, beautiful, but extremely comfortable as well. Hardwood flooring can be either finished or unfinished and is often available in strips or planks. In addition to finished and unfinished, Hardwood Floors can be categorized into Solid or Engineered Wood Floorings.

Hardwood Flooring is incredibly popular and extremely durable. In fact, some pre-finished hardwood-flooring come with a warranty of 50 years or more. With some basic carpentry skill, installing a hardwood floor is an incredibly easy job to do.

Different Types of Hardwood Floorings

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